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2012, 1st Entry.. :p
Sunday, January 15, 2012 | 2 Comments

Assalammualaikum..... Heeyyyy hye ouls ! :p
It's been ages I haven't update any entry in my blog.. What a JERK ! =_=" 
Segala habuk2, karat2 pon dah mula ade.. haha
# poyo ! 

Why i'm M.I.A ? Missing in Action ?
Well, sometimes life get harder than I thought..
So, it's takes times for me to heal the old wounds and  seriously get over it
Now I'm a brand new JUWITA MIRANDA.
And I'm sooooooo MOVE ON ! yehaaaaa ~ :p

Hey, Juwita ! It's 2012 now ! Don't you notice that ? 
Yeah,yeahh.. I know ~ Happy Belated New Year, pal.. :p
I'm totally sorry ok ? Updating my blog on the 16th of January 2012.. eheeeee.. 
My fingers wanna meet the keyboard again when a friend of mine in tagged always mention about her blog..
And her blog is totally AMAZING.. hahaha :p

Haaaa, ape ? Azam tahun baru ?
Guess what ?!

TAKDA AZAM pon ok !.. :p
I just wanna life my life to the FULLEST ! fullstop ~

Ok then, i got to go now !
Wish u all the best of luck and happy always.. ^_^
See ya soon..

Cik Jue.


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