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Holiday - Tioman Island
Friday, April 6, 2012 | 0 Comments
Salam uolllssss... :p
Here i am now !
Sorry, i'm kinda busy lately plus, my internet is so DAMN slow !
Make me always in tense.. ! haishh ~

Ok, let us forget it for a while ~
I went for a trip last few weeks !
and guess what ?!

I had a VERY VERY VERY great moment there.. ^_^

I stayed at Sun Beach Resort, Kg. Genting for a few days..
When i reached at Jeti Kg Genting, i'm startled !
The water so DAMN clear and blue !
U can see such beautiful coral and variety of fish in there..

The view was so AMAZING, and the sea breeze make me so calm..
All my probs suddenly went away with the wind.. HAHAHA

Tgok, airnya mmg giler chantek la kan !

SNORKELING ! Dalam air nie, ikan besar2..
Bwk masuk roti, sekejap je ikan dah berkerumun kat u alls.. 
LAPAR la tu KAN KAN ? :p

Ti me nie, mmg ramai giler pengunjung..
Masing2 tak mo lepaskan peluang !

Cik Jue tak snap byk gmbr kat sne..
Kamera murah, tak mampu beli yang water resistant.. HAHAHA

Cik Jue.

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